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Whats new in 2020?

First of all we are very proud of Corky who has been awarded the a Hall of Fame Award! How impressive and amazing for a guy with very humble beginnings who has made this accomplishment simply from a dream to have the most efficiently run and the most beautiful carnival in the world. Congratulations to you Corky!!!

Secondly, we are happy to report that Debbie has now stepped into the position as OABA Chair! Only one of four women who have held this position. Debbie who is driven to perfection and a deep love of this business has the same drive as her husband Corky. Together they make a formidable force toward success in this industry. Mostly they contribute their success to faith.

Please stand with them in support toward a continued growth in the industry!

Also and not least we are very happy to see the youngest generation involved in our business!

Phil and Suzie Corl childerns

Dean and Stephanie Corl childern

Jacob learning how to layout the lot!

Charlie the 4th is our future
accountant and over all brainiack!

Issac is learning about ride
inspection and a CDL

Miss Madalynn is of course the
up coming Queen.

Our latest rides for 2020

Click here to see what we are doing for improved safety measures.


Powers Great American Midways

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