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Brent Jackson -
North Carolina Senator
(Sampson, Duplin, Johnston)

Tom Chambers
Bureau Chief of North Carolina
Department of Labor

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Outdoor Amusement Business Association
President and CEO

Dennis Fraleigh
Owner of Butcher Boys

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Hansen's Spectacular Acrobatic Sensations

Gerry Hyman
Non Destructive Testing Engineer

ALLENTOWN, Pa. (CBS 3) A familiar summer fair has gotten a green makeover in Allentown. CBS 3's Liz Keptner shows you what you'll see (and smell!) that's different. It's hard to pick one thing you like best about the Great Allentown Fair, whether it's the roar of the crowds or the thrill of the rides. Maybe it's just that familiar smell in the air. Wait, what is that smell? Read more

Hi all,
I have to echo comments that have been made in the media and public about this years fair (The Great Allentown Fair).
I took my son on Sunday and immediately noticed a huge difference in the quality of the rides etc. I was noticing also that all the ride equipment was newer and very well maintained and clean, right down to the trucks used to tow the rides. I'm an avid RVer and I always look at the rigs that are used by the employees. Most of them were high end travel trailers and fifth wheels, not broken down, old shabby units. Even the tires on one of the big towable generators in the midway were clean and shiny.
The selection of Powers Great American Midway was a great one and I sure hope you use them for many years to come.

Pete Mohr Production Manager, Total Imaging, PO Box 496 518 Bank St.. Emmaus, PA 18049


From: Jimmy, Twyla & Stacy Wood

To whom it may concern,

I have been attending any and every carnival and midway I can since I was a kid and now that I am a parent I still haven't lost my taste for the bright lights, fun games and exciting rides...I just have an excuse to stay longer and ride more. For many years however I have often left the carnival feeling let down due to annoying carnies and rickety rides that seem a million years old but this week I attended your event at the Colonial Mall in Staunton, Va and me and my family had a blast!!! It was the first time in many years that the rides excited me in a good way! Usually I am afraid that I will fly off or the ride will fall apart as soon as it starts to move but not yours! For once I wasn't scared to let my kid get on a ride by himself...and I also must mention how much our family appreciates the friendly and CLEAN atmosphere. The game attendants weren't too pushy and they really were nice to my 3 year old...Thank you (notice I called them attendants and not carnies, they deserve a little more credit than the normal dirty, smelly, barker just trying to cheat you out of a few dollars). My wife and I have worked in and around the food service industry for many years and very impressed with the cleanliness inside and out of your food vendors. The numerous trash bags and hand sanitizing stations are not only helpful but also a very nice touch.

Taking the time to write someone that I don't know to comment on their companies impact on me is not something that I normally do but this time I felt that since you guys take the time to do it right that I should definitely take the time tell you how we appreciated it. Thank you again for not making me feel like I just wasted my money and that there are a few businesses that seem to think of the patrons first...oh yeah, and thanks for the good time!

The Wood Family
Jimmy, Twyla & Stacy

I want to express my appreciation for you bringing the carnival to Gaithersburg, MD. I really enjoyed myself and I had a good time and I hope to see you all next year. My kids enjoyed the rides, games and food especially the demolition derby excluding the car that caught fire. I also want to take this time to say thank you to one of your employees, Ron Thomas who found my lost wallet and made every attempt possible to contact me to get my wallet back to me. I recommend that Ron be recognized to of all his employees and peers. I'm not sure if you have weekly or monthly meetings with your personnel but I would appreciate it if you guys would acknowledge Ron Thomas for being a trustworthy, honest and good employee for finding my wallet and following up with me after he
was gone to see if I received my wallet back with all contents in it I did receive it back and nothing was taken. Thanks to Ron and the rest of the gang and I look forward to seeing you guys return next year!!!

Eric Allie
Distribution Designer
"Distribution Engineering Maryland Division"
Office: (301) 548-4318
Cell: (202) 207-4113
E-mail: eallie@pepco.com


Powers Great American Midways

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