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Allentown Fair Carnival Goes Green

Green Scene: Earth-Friendlier Fair Reporting Liz Keptner ALLENTOWN, Pa. (CBS 3) ― A familiar summer fair has gotten a green makeover in Allentown. CBS 3's Liz Keptner shows you what you'll see (and smell!) that's different. It's hard to pick one thing you like best about the Great Allentown Fair, whether it's the roar of the crowds or the thrill of the rides. Maybe it's just that familiar smell in the air. Wait, what is that smell? "It smells great. Kinda smells like popcorn. You don't have the black smoke coming out of the generators, and it's better for the environment," said Charlie Belknap of Powers Great American Midways. When his company took over operations of the fair, they brought an environmentally-friendly philosophy. For the first time in the fair's 156-year history, everything on the midway -- the rides, the food stands, the electricity -- is run by soy-based bio-produced diesel fuel from Pennsylvania soybean farmers and the Pennsylvania Soybean Association. "The first time we used it was at North Carolina State Fair in Raleigh, North Carolina, two years ago," said Belknap. "Since then we've been using it at all the fairs where biodiesel is available." Belknap says the soybean-based blend is cleaner and safer for the environment. It saves money and conserves energy. And this year the fair is also using LED lighting throughout the fairgrounds and on rides like The Vortex. "This system uses only seven amps of electricity, whereas the regular lighting on that ride would use 80 amps of electricity," said Belknap. "I love the rides!" said one girl. Going green never felt so good. The Great Allentown Fair runs until Monday, September 1, starting at noon. Admission is $6 for people age 12 and over, $4 for people 65 and over (after 2 p.m. only), and free for children under 12. Click on the link below to see the video.


Powers Great American Midways

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